Hard working employees all over the country have stood up and demanded healthier options, increased selection and 24/7 convenience.

Some large work sites are lucky enough to have a cafeteria. However, they can be expensive for an employer, as they may be heavily subsidized. In many cases they may only operate for one shift, leaving associates to settle for vending machines instead.

Small businesses have even fewer options. Many are lucky just to have a snack and drink machine. While vending is a good option for some businesses, more and more companies are asking, “Isn’t there a better option?”

Well, now there is! And it really is a “no-brainer.”

Instead of vending, how would you like your own workplace micro market offering hundreds of items including:

  • Delicious and healthful fresh sandwiches, fruit, soups and sides
  • Yogurts and milk
  • Crispy and crunchy snacks
  • A wide variety of mainline and alternative beverages
  • Single cup coffee
  • Frozen treats

… all presented in a beautifully outfitted, open-concept market and available to associates 24 hours a day?

Oh, and by the way, Breakroom Provisions Micro Markets are perfect for businesses with around 175 employees or more!

Breakroom Provisions will even install and manage the market FREE OF CHARGE!

Benefits of a Breakroom Provisions Micro Market:

Offer hundreds of products
We’re not limited to items that will fit in a vending machine, giving us the ability to offer you a near limitless selection of items.

Improve employee efficiency
Keep you workers on site by providing quality food, beverages and snacks, allowing them to return to work faster.

Health and wellness
Help your employees make healthy decisions by providing nutritional, fresh foods on site.

Easy-to-Use, cashless kiosk
Employees will use a secure, self-checkout kiosk, paying for the purchase using a credit/debit card or stored-valued keytag.

The only safe, secure market solution
Only Breakroom Provisions Company is PCI/PA-DSS-certified, providing the highest level of bankcard transaction integrity. Breakroom Provisions kiosks rely on proven software that powers more than 14,000 point-of-sales systems in North America.

How It Works

Few things in life are as easy as making a purchase from a Breakroom Provisions Micro Market!

You can make a purchase in three easy steps!

  1. Browse through the market and choose the items that you would like to purchase.
  2. Scan the items on our “state-of-the-art,” self-checkout kiosk.
  3. Pay for items with a credit card or with our stored-value, bar-coded key tag that we provide each associate with, free of charge. You can recharge these key tags at anytime with cash, credit of debit.